Comprehensive Quality Assessment

At WahlScribe, we’re passionate about the quality of the medical documentation services we provide to our clients. As a result, WahlScribe is the only transcription service to offer Comprehensive Quality Assessment, or CQA. By implementing CQA, we can now go beyond simply identifying and correcting errors or flagging unclear words and phrases prior to distributing completed transcription to our clients. With CQA, we analyze errors and documentation problems in order to determine the root causes, which might include:

  • Poor audio quality or background noise interference
  • Difficult physician accents or speech patterns
  • Transcriptionists requiring additional training
  • Lack of consistency or standardization in dictation
  • Technical issues which impact dictation quality

In short, CQA allows us to identify repeating error patterns and determine the underlying causes by aggregating large amounts of documentation data and performing in-depth analysis on that data. This gives us the ability to address problems at the source and implement best practices to prevent errors before they happen. In turn, this reduces the need for time-consuming review of transcribed documents and improves both turnaround time and documentation accuracy and completeness.